Floating Layouts

Seems like there is a new layout-trend going around. More and more “floating” layouts are popping up on famous Portfolios and Portals.

For example, TypeNEU changed their layout from a very clean and fantastic arrangement to a confusing, floating thing. Usability…gone. Another example is the TypeNEU brother, Reform & Revolution. A little bit more structured, but honestly i don’t know in which direction i should read. From the top to the bottom? Or from left to right?

Latest floating layout is the portfolio of one of my alltime-favorites – Michael Paul Young aka designgraphik. Kinda similiar to TypeNEU.

I am very unsure if it is the right direction, where the sites are developing to. It’s more difficult to read and navigate and your eyes are jumping like people on a trampoline. That can’t be the right direction…


Fifty People, One Question

Fifty People, One Question: Restored from Benjamin Reece on Vimeo.

Please watch it! It’s worth every single second. Very inspiring.



Viel passiert in letzter Zeit. Viel gesehen, viel gehört, viel überlegt, viel geplannt, viel telefoniert.
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