Kanye West – Love Lockdown

Kanye West - Love Lockdown

This song is drivin’ me insane.
Heavy Rotation in iTunes since sunday night (with the VMA Live Version). Jumped from #0 to #3 in just two days (with 50 plays) in my AllTime Top25. Seems like, i’m kinda infected.

I had to share this song. It’s something special, something huge. Possibly #1 Hit.


Social Media

Social Media is the New Media.
Coming into my mind after reading more and more about “Social Media” these days. In my opinion, it’s the next huge business-hype-term after “Social Community”, “Viral Marketing” and “Insert-Web2.0-Buzzword-here“.

Smells like “New Media”-Spirit.


Designers can facilitate strategic conversations…

“Designers can facilitate strategic conversations better than anyone, because they have an ability to visualize issues and problems in a way traditional business consultants can’t.”

Richard Buchanan, Professor, Carnegie Mellon University (via)