Floating Layouts

Seems like there is a new layout-trend going around. More and more “floating” layouts are popping up on famous Portfolios and Portals.

For example, TypeNEU changed their layout from a very clean and fantastic arrangement to a confusing, floating thing. Usability…gone. Another example is the TypeNEU brother, Reform & Revolution. A little bit more structured, but honestly i don’t know in which direction i should read. From the top to the bottom? Or from left to right?

Latest floating layout is the portfolio of one of my alltime-favorites – Michael Paul Young aka designgraphik. Kinda similiar to TypeNEU.

I am very unsure if it is the right direction, where the sites are developing to. It’s more difficult to read and navigate and your eyes are jumping like people on a trampoline. That can’t be the right direction…